How it Works

The forces of nature invisibly affect us on every level, and science has long searched for a bridge between the quantum world and our physical world. The ability to harvest these invisible forces and bring them into practical use is at the core of CODE therapeutics. Our advanced technology is a three-stage process comprised of:

  1. Recording information-rich structured energy patterns, (and these structured energy patterns are based on the molecular formulas).
  2. Computer storage of digitized patterns.
  3. Infusion of the structured energy patterns into our normal saline solution.

The specific frequency signaling from each CODE formula is picked up by specialized “subtle” receptors in the body and translated into the information necessary for all biological processes. At CODE Health, we call this Information Medicine. 

The outcomes are confirmed. Studies indicate the efficacy of our information-based formulas. We are making major breakthroughs in health based on the very foundation of which we were created.