CODE formulas have gone through extensive evaluation, and many have undergone clinical studies. CODE Health has partnered with Beech Tree Labs and holds licensing to molecular formulas invented by Dr. John McMichael. CODE Health obtained these formulas to develop over-the-counter products safe for people and animals.

For those seriously interested in the scientific details of our products, please feel free to request the lengthy research that was conducted and required in order to obtain patents.

The following are just a few of the research articles that have been published.


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CODE Health Research on CALM (Healthy Mind Formula) Using the Bio-Well GDV Device

Method: 26 Participants were given a consultation questionnaire before taking a stress scan using the Bio-Well GDV device. After the scan, 1 drop of CALM (Healthy Mind Formula) was administered under the participant’s tongue. A timer was set for 15 minutes. A second stress scan was taken, and in some cases, the timer was set for another 15 minutes, followed by a third stress scan at the 30 minute mark.

  • Out of 26 Participants, 21 had higher than optimal stress energy.
  • Results varied based on the individual.
  • Objective findings showed 86% had a decrease in stress energy by the 30-minute mark.
  • 72% Perceived a decrease in the feeling of stress.
  • Subjective Perception- people are accustomed to a stressful lifestyle and many could not discern when their stress was high, let alone when it decreased. They were also unclear of the difference between stress and anxiety.
  • Significance- How much did the stress decrease, and did that contribute to the perception of less stress?

Bio-Well Saline Comparison

Water Sensor Testing confirms that there is a difference between normal saline solution and the bioenergetically infused saline solution in CALM.

Orange- Normal Saline Solution

Purple- CALM, Bioenergetic Formula

Findings of Saline Analysis

  • Area Energy is Higher
  • Intensity is Higher
  • Area Deviation is Higher
  • Entropy is lower, proving CALM is more coherent.