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“If you’re seeking a daily mental health support that’s convenient, effective, and free from harmful chemicals, look no further than CALM by CODE!”

—Kevin Harrington, Original Shark On Shark Tank

CODE Therapeutic Formulas

CODE Formulas are made with one simple ingredient: normal saline solution programmed with bio-energy patterns, or frequencies, that tell malfunctioning cells how to repair themselves with the
correct “CODE” to achieve the desired function.

Safe for People and Animals

Code Health Code For All People2

CODE for People of All Ages

Life-enhancing formulas made with the highest standards in purity.

CODE for Your Pets

Our pets are family too, and we are raising health standards for both people and pets.

CODE for Horse & Rider

Our products are non-toxic, safe and legal across all Equine disciplines.

How Does It Work?

Code Health How It Works Capture


We capture the information based on molecular formulas that each have a specific goal.

Code Health How It Works Store


Store the energetic information into a digitized pattern.

Code Health How It Works Infuse


Digitized energy patterns are infused into our medical grade saline solution, creating a unique formula.

Helping the Body Detect & Repair Cellular Damage Where Needed

  • Non-Toxic
  • Drug Free
  • Convenient
  • Versatile Use
  • Zero Side Effects
  • Backed by Research

Learn From Us & With Us

We’re constantly learning, testing, and growing in the name of cellular health. Join us on our journey. Learn more about the science behind our products and why cellular health is vital.

Real People. Real Results.

Code Health Testimonials Toni

Long Lasting Product

No matter what I have tried to help ground me, nothing has eased my anxiety until I tried CALM. I take 1 drop in the morning and evening and within 30 minutes, I truly feel a presence of calm take over my body. Honestly, it’s hard yo believe this tiny bottle is a 5 month…
Code Health Testimonials Dina And Graycin

CODE is Safe For my Dog and Economical

My dog has had bad allergies since the day I rescued her. I started giving her a drop of REACT on a piece of her kibble with her AM and PM meals and her rash cleared up COMPLETELY within only a couple of weeks. l am no longer spending $$ on injections for my dog’s…
Code Health Testimonials John Testimonial

Once a Skeptic, Now a Believer

I learned about the CODE products and was skeptical at first, but I have been taking BALANCE everyday and I can not believe how energized I feel! It’s amazing that it is as simple as two drops a day and I have felt such a difference in my energy level. I am a health conscious…
Code Health Testimonials Leanne

Everyone Needs The Modern Medicine Cabinet!

I took a combination of ANTIVIRUS & PROTECT because I had a sore throat 2 days before my vacation. I was back to full health right on time to enjoy my cruise. Thanks CODE!
Code Health Testimonials Marge

BREATHE Helps Control My COPD

In my young days, I was a pretty heavy smoker.Now that I’m 92, I have COPD. I tried BREATHE (Pulmonary Formula), and after using it for about a month, I notice that I am breathing much better. At this age, I rather take energized saline solution because there are no side affects.
Code Health Testimonials Sheila

CODE is a Natural Alternative to Offer My Clients

As a Relationship Coach, it is so great to have a drug free, all natural product like CODE to offer to my clients. I’ve had such a profound experiences with all of the formulas. SLIM for weight management, and RELIEF for allergies, but especially The Healthy Mind Duo (CALM & DREAM) as I see the…

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The body knows what it needs. Each formula restores cellular communication with the proper CODE, creating balance for all.