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Healthy Cells Make Healthy People

Your body is made up of 70 trillion cells; and their job is to protect you, help you heal, and keep you healthy. CODE restores disrupted communication among and within cells bringing balance to the body with natural, non-toxic formulas. Safe for people and animals.

What is the body’s energy system?

The energy system is made up of energy centers and energy channels (called chakras and meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine) through which energy flows.

How does the body’s energy system work?

The energy system works like the “software” of the body. In other words, it is the “operating program” which provides the energetic instructions for all the biological, chemical, and psychological processes of the body. Balancing and regulating the energy system is essential for maintaining health.

What happens when the body’s energy system is disrupted?

The energy system is like a highway. Just as an accident on the highway causes traffic to stop flowing and becomes backed-up, the energy system may also become stagnant and backed-up. When the energy system becomes imbalanced because there is too much or too little energy flow, illness and disease are the result.

How do CODE formulas and products work?

Based on subtle body concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the flow of energy, we suggest that specific frequency signaling from our proprietary CODE formulas is picked up by specialized “subtle” receptors in the body and translated into the information necessary for all biological processes.

Can I take CODE if I am taking Rx Medications?

Yes. CODE products have 1 ingredient. Normal Saline Solution. You are made of it! Some people have reported that they were able to reduce the number of medications they were taking once they started using CODE. Results vary based in the individual.

Is it safe for infants, small children, and the elderly?

Yes. It is safe for people of all ages and animals too.

Can I take multiple formulas?

Yes. You take different formulas for different reasons. Many of the products work synergistically with each other. Take 1 drop at a time and wait 15 seconds between drops. Avoid eating or drinking for 5 minutes after you take the drops.

How does it work if there’s only 1 ingredient, saline solution?

Our formulas are infused with frequencies, or encoded energy patterns. These codes communicate between your healthy and unhealthy cells. The frequencies are programmed into the saline solution which acts as the carrier delivering the healthy code to your unhealthy cells. It’s the CODE, that does the healing.

What do I do if I have an adverse reaction?

Everyone is different, and results vary. If anyone has a negative experience, they should discontinue use immediately. Just like any other form of medicine, allopathic or holistic, all products are not suited for all people.

Do the products expire?

There is a 3-year expiration date on each bottle or label, from the time of manufacturing.

Are products affected by cell phones, computers, or other devices?


Is the product still good if I left it in my car during the hot summer?

CODE products are stable at purse, refrigerator, and pocket temperatures. The only exception is if you boil CODE products, they will be destroyed.

Where are CODE products made?

CODE products are made in the USA.

Can I return products after they have been opened?

No. Only unopened products may be returned or exchanged.

What is a bioenergetic therapeutic?

Bioenergetic therapies use energy to affect your biology. CODE products help your body correct imbalances.

What is biohacking?

Biohacking incorporates things like biology, neuroscience, genetics, and nutrition to optimize health or achieve a specific goal such as stress relief or weight loss. Biohacking helps your body work smarter, not harder.

How many products do you have and what do they do?

CODE has 10 proprietary formulas designed to fix the way cells communicate with each other to restore cellular balance. There are formulas for pain & inflammation, weight loss, boosting the immune system, antiviral, allergy formula, stress relief and a sleep aid.

Why is CODE the modern medicine cabinet?

CODE formulas are a drug free, non-toxic, healthy alternative to over the counter and prescription medications that are safe for people of all ages, and animals as well. They work similarly to common well-known products without disrupting other bodily systems.

What kind of research is CODE backed by?

The molecular information that CODE formulas are derived from have been studied for 40 years. Please feel free to visit the “LEARN” tab on the CODE website to learn more about each formula, and the science behind them.

Why do you refer to CALM as the “superhero”?

For those struggling with high stress, anxiety, or ADHD, CALM is a game changer! When we reduce stress in the body, mind, and spirit, seemingly unrelated issues get resolved. It’s as simple as 1 drop under the tongue for people, or on a treat for animals.

How many times a day should I take each product?

Individual results vary. You can take each formula as often as needed. However, we have found that it is more effective to take 1 drop at a time and wait 30-60 minutes before taking another drop of the same formula. It is also recommended to wait 15 seconds between taking different formulas, and refrain from eating or drinking for 5 minutes after taking the drops. Please note: ANTIVIRUS has a very specific protocol, and to be effective, it must be followed explicitly.

Should I take the drops on an empty stomach or with food?

You can take the drops on an empty stomach, at least 5 minutes before eating or drinking, or you can take after your meal.

How do I give CODE to my pets or horses?

The easiest way is to add 1 drop to am/pm meals (if they will eat all of it at once), or you can put a drop on a treat if more drops are needed throughout the day.

Is the dosage based on weight?

No. CODE products are not dependent on mass and weight. The same 1 drop works if you are a 5 lb. chihuahua, a 200 lb. person, or a 1500 lb. racehorse.

Will I have to keep taking CODE, or will it fix my issues permanently?

Results and timing vary based on each individual and the severity of the issue. The longer it took to create the problem, the longer it takes to fix it. CODE will help your body come back into homeostasis (balance). However, if the environment that caused the imbalance does not change, the solution may not be permanent. There is much more to learn using CODE over time. We are hopeful that in time, drops would fully correct the issues. In the meantime, CODE provides drug-free relief.
Will it work if my dog is afraid of thunder or fireworks?

Many CODE users rave about CALM for their anxious dogs and horses. 1 drop works for our pets, let us know how it works for yours.

Will taking CALM make me feel tired?

Most people report feeling calm, clear, and focused. CALM is used to decrease stress, anxiety, and help you pay attention and focus.

Will ANTIVIRUS help my cat who has a virus?

If it is administered following the precise ANTIVIRUS protocol, it should.

How soon will I feel the drops take affect?

Results vary for each individual.

RECOVER: Athletes using this formula report muscle recovery is faster within a couple days of using the product.
RELIEF, SLIM, REACT, CALM: Most people report feeling subtle differences within 30 minutes. If you do not feel better in 30-60 minutes, simply take another drop.

ANTIVIRUS: Most people say they start feeling better by day 2 if they caught it at the first sign of symptoms. In other more severe cases, people report that ANTIVIRUS lessened the severity and duration.

BALANCE: Since this is a daily formula, some people notice a difference in a couple for days, where others notice after taking for about a month.

PROTECT: This formula is taken twice a day as immunity defense. No perceived difference.

How many drops are in each bottle?

The 15 mL bottle has approximately 300 drops, and the 3 mL bottle has approximately 60 drops.

Is CODE available in other countries?

CODE is available in the USA, Canada, and will soon become available in Europe and Latin America.
What kind of research has been done on CODE products?

A neuroscientist performed an EEG and brain mapping on an individual who was exhibiting high levels of stress and anxiety. An initial baseline scan was taken, 1 drop of CALM was placed under the tongue, and a second scan was taken 30 minutes later. The results showed an increase in theta (which equates to a reduction in stress), an increase in alpha (attention and focus), and a decrease in beta (overactivity). Other testing has been done, and is on-going, using the BioWell device. 86% of individuals demonstrating higher than optimal stress levels show a decrease in stress energy after 30 minutes of administering 1 drop of CALM sublingually.