PROTECT (Immunity Defense Formula)

PROTECT (Immunity Defense Formula)
Each 15mL bottle contains approximately 300 servings.
Each 3mL bottle contains approximately 60 servings.

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PROTECT Immunity Defense Formula offers a vital immune system boost upon detecting specific infection symptoms such as: fever, muscle pain, and “flu-like symptoms”. Through years of rigorous research and development, this therapeutic has demonstrated remarkable efficacy. This safe and effective formula plays a crucial role in alleviating viral and bacterial infections right from the first symptom and regulates the immune system effectively.

All CODE formulas are infused with electrical information (bio-energy patterns) that tells malfunctioning cells how to repair themselves by re-programming cells with the correct energy to achieve the desired function.


People: Place 1 drop under the tongue, 2 times daily (AM/PM)**, or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For best results, avoid swallowing for 15 seconds and don’t eat or drink for 5 minutes.
Animals: Place 1 drop in the lip or on a favorite treat, 2 times daily (AM/PM)**, or as recommended by your Veterinarian.
*Suggested dosage for all people and animals regardless of weight.
**Take at the first sign of symptoms or when you feel like something is coming on.


Each 15mL (0.5oz) bottle contains approximately 300 one-drop servings.
Each 3mL (0.1oz) bottle contains approximately 60 one-drop servings.


Saline Solution (Structured with bio-energy patterns)

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5 reviews for PROTECT (Immunity Defense Formula)

  1. Brittany S (verified owner)

    NO MORE SORE THROAT & STREP WITH PROTECT and ANTIVIRUS. Since I haven’t had my tonsils removed, I suffer from strep throat multiple times a year. Since I was young, at the first sign, I have always had to go on antibiotics, but, they have destroyed my gut health. I started getting a scratchy throat and this time, I took PROTECT and I also took ANTIVIRUS because so many viruses are going around. I couldn’t believe it in two days I did not have a sore throat and felt like myself! To have found a non-toxic alternative to keep me healthy is amazing!

  2. Peter S (verified owner)

    I travel with PROTECT! I travel for work and I am always flying and during this last year I have gotten sick almost every time I flew. I heard about CODE and decided to give it a try, especially because it was all natural. I didn’t want to write a review until I took several trips to see if it worked and after 5 trips I have not gotten sick once! I start taking PROTECT the day before my trip and take it through the duration of traveling and a day after. All I can say is I am a believer! PROTECT will be my go-to product from now on!

  3. LeAnne (verified owner)

    Everyone needs PROTECT in their medicine cabinet! Everyone needs this in their medicine cabinet! I took a combination of ANTIVIRUS & PROTECT because I had a sore throat 2 days before my vacation. I was back to full health right on time and stayed healthy during my trip!

  4. T.S. (verified owner)

    Traveling doesn’t mean getting sick anymore! The combination of Protect and Antivirus SAVED me on my recent journey around Germany and Austria! After a total of 30+ hours on planes, trains and buses, coupled with an unexpected snow storm, I would 100% be sick if it weren’t for CODE. It truly feels like a miracle. I love to travel internationally, and I recognize this passion undoubtably comes with a gnarly cold. I’ve come to accept it.. but now I don’t have to!

  5. Ashley (verified owner)

    A MAGICAL TRIO-PROTECT, ANTIVIRUS, & BREATHE. As a frequent flyer and active gym junky, my health is a top priority, and because of that, I rarely get sick, but when I do, I am sick! After going to the walk-in clinic and getting the typical antibiotics (not a fan), I decided to try CODE Health, instead of taking the pharmaceuticals I was prescribed to fight the holiday illness. After following the ANTIVIRUS directions to a T, I literally started to feel better that SAME day. By the second day, I felt almost back to normal! I had energy again and no more body aches or congestion. I was starting to feel like myself again way faster than any antibiotic could do and without all the side effects! I really couldn’t believe it! I am skeptical when it comes to new products on my palate, but CODE Health works wonders! Along with the ANTIVIRUS, I also took BREATHE and PROTECT which was a magical trio. I plan on adding PROTECT and ANTIVIRUS to my daily regimen, as well as testing out some of their other amazing products!

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