CALM (Healthy Mind Formula)

CALM (Healthy Mind Formula)
Each 15mL bottle contains approximately 300 servings.
Each 3mL bottle contains approximately 60 servings.

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CALM Healthy Mind Formula is a daily formula for people and animals who feel anxious, nervous, stressed, and overwhelmed. This formula supports mental health, allowing you to become calm, clear and focused. Calms nerves in both people and animals, and fosters a balanced state of mind.

All CODE formulas are infused with electrical information (bio-energy patterns) that tells malfunctioning cells how to repair themselves by re-programming cells with the correct energy to achieve the desired function.


People: Place 1 drop under the tongue, 2 times daily (AM/PM)**, or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For best results, avoid swallowing for 15 seconds and don’t eat or drink for 5 minutes.
Animals: Place 1 drop in the lip or on a favorite treat, 2 times daily (AM/PM)**, or as recommended by your Veterinarian.
*Suggested dosage for all people and animals regardless of weight.
**May take an additional drop if symptoms persist.


Each 15mL (0.5oz) bottle contains approximately 300 one-drop servings.
Each 3mL (0.1oz) bottle contains approximately 60 one-drop servings.


Saline Solution (Structured with bio-energy patterns)

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11 reviews for CALM (Healthy Mind Formula)

  1. BT (verified owner)

    Calm During Thunderstorm. Our dog gets nervous and scared during thunderstorms or when there are fireworks. In the past, we used prescribed medications to keep him relaxed. Never liked the thought of giving him drugs, and really hated the side effects. (Lethargy, loss of appetite, and sleeping late into the next day). This was the first July 4th where we were able to enjoy the holiday and not worry about the dog! To prepare for the fireworks, we gave him 1 drop on his treat in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. As loud as the fireworks were for hours, he was not anxious, shaky, or stressed. Thank you CODE!

    I almost forgot to mention that we gave him a drop on a treat when a thunderstorm was predicted, and he was fine for that too.

  2. Toni M (verified owner)

    WOW! I have been using CALM for 5 days and what a difference 1 little drop makes. As a woman in my late 40’s I have noticed my anxiety levels have worsened the older I become. I take my health and fitness very seriously, but no matter what I have tried to help ground me, nothing has eased my anxiety until I tried CALM. I take 1 drop in the morning and evening under my tongue, and within 30 minutes, I truly feel a presence of calm take over my body. My job can be very stressful at times, so if I need a midday dose, the bottle is so small that it’s easy to take with me wherever I go. Honestly, it’s hard to believe this tiny bottle is a 5 month supply. I can’t wait to try other CODE products. This stuff really works!

  3. Trish G (verified owner)

    Calm Kitty! My cat is not alap kitty .. she has only ever curled up on my lap after I’ve given her Gabapentin for her grooming or vet visits.. this is so much better! I hate giving her those meds.. it makes her so loopy and it makes me so worried-but, she is completely CALM with just 2 drops of CALM! To be able to give her something that is non-toxic with such great results is incredible! Thank you!

  4. Betty (verified owner)

    FINALLY! A PRODUCT THAT WORKS! AND IT’S ALL NATURAL! I had knee replacement surgery years ago and have been struggling with pain and not feeling like myself. Since taking CALM, for the first time in years, I have thoughts of hope. CALM has enabled me to settle my mind, thus allowing me to have patience, focus, understanding, and acceptance that this soreness, is something that I can live with. The fret, frustration, and worry has subsided, just calm & understanding instead of distraught & anxiety feeling.

  5. Nemil (verified owner)

    NO SIDE EFFECTS LIKE MEDICATION AND HELPED WITH MY TINNITUS! My Name is Nemil Chabebe. I’m a Desert Storm Veteran and I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. The meds given by the VA hospital did not help and I didn’t see any changes, not even close, to what the CALM drops did to me . I felt calm and relaxed, and it even helped me with my tinnitus (ringing in the ears)- the noise wasn’t as loud at it usually is.

    A few minutes after taking one drop, I noticed a light sensation in my head. Then, I realized the ringing in my ears (tinitus) was not present. I was even trying to listen for it, but it was not there! It came back the next day, but not as loud. I guess it was the energy working in my system.
    The next day, after the 1st drop in the morning, all day until bed time, I was relaxed. That night and the following nights, I slept very well. I started with taking 3 drops per day, but I find that 2 drops (AM and PM) work very well for me. The BEST thing about this product, unlike medication, is there are NO SIDE EFFECTS! So glad I was introduced to CODE!

  6. Lori (verified owner)

    After 2 drops I feel less nervous. With everything going on in the world today, I was feeling more anxious than I normally do. My daughter is the founder of CODE Health, and she sent me CALM with instructions to take one drop 3x a day. After my second drop, I was feeling more relaxed and less nervous. I have been taking CALM every day and I can not believe the difference!

  7. Jenn (verified owner)

    Relaxed and Focused With CALM. My name is Jenn and I am a teacher. A teacher’s job doesn’t end when they leave the building for the day. I, as well as many others in the profession, continue to work at home in order to provide my students with the best learning experiences – all while trying to manage and balance my home/personal life. It is often difficult to turn my mind off so that I can get some much needed rest when there is always so much to do. CALM helps me to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and allows me to focus on the things that are most important. It also helps me to put my mind at ease and relax. Within a few minutes of taking 1 drop (as needed) I notice a difference in my overall well-being and state of mind.

  8. Toni (verified owner)

    I feel grounded with CALM. 1 have been using CALM for 5 days and what a difference
    1 little drop makes! As a woman in my late 40’s I have noticed my anxiety levels have worsened the older I become. No matter what I have tried to help ground me, nothing has eased my anxiety until I tried CALM. I take 1 drop in the morning and evening under my tongue, and within 30 minutes, I truly feel a presence of calm take over my body. I can’t wait to try other CODE products!

  9. Gayle Meyers (verified owner)

    Calm Passed the Test. I got a bottle of Calm drops from Lisa Piper one day. I hadn’t tried them yet, but when I got home I started going into an attack of asthma. I get extremely nervous when I have even a mild attack having been born with a collapsed lung and pre-verbal memories of suffocation. I immediately thought, what a hard test for my new drops. I was very impressed with the results. After three drops, spaced out individually over the next 5 hours, I was able to subdue the “I can’t breathe” anxiety, and just calmly deal with the asthma. Product definitely worked for me.

  10. Crystal (verified owner)

    Take Control and feel CALM- with CALM . It’s the season for many things. Fall festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. What about all the things in between? For me it’s birthday’s for those I love, work, and end of year wrap up of goals, performance appraisals. What about getting ready for the holidays? Holiday shopping wrapping, baking, hosting and attending holiday festivities. I was so overwhelmed and knew it yet not willing to admit it or ask for help. Have you just cried at the drop of a hat? Not done something to its fullest potential but can’t figure out why when you know exactly what to do. How about sleepless nights? That was me until CALM. I was brave enough to trust in CALM. It worked within 24 hours no tears, my anxiety was dropping and I was feeling CALM. This really works and has turned this cautious yet curios individual into a cheerleader. Don’t let your anxiety or depression lead you away from those things you love and relish doing. Take control and be yourself again. Three drops a day is all it took to CALM myself and enjoy everything the holidays brings. Bring in my 2024 New Year and the CALM with it.

  11. B.T. (verified owner)

    New Year’s Eve Fireworks didn’t even phase my dog! This New Year’s Eve was the first time my dog was finally not affected by the hours of fireworks going off in my neighborhood! I heard about CALM after the 4th of July, but I was prepared this holiday! I gave my dog one drop around noon and a second drop around 6 pm. I put the drop on his treat and it was so easy! The best part (besides my wife and me being able to enjoy the evening because we weren’t worried about our dog), was that it was an an all natural way to help him. We have medicated him with a prescription from the vet in the past, but we were never really comfortable with this method, especially because he was always groggy and never himself the next day. I’m so glad we found CALM! Bring on the fireworks for the next celebration!

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