BALANCE (Cellular Health Formula)

BALANCE (Cellular Health Formula)
Each 15mL bottle contains approximately 300 servings.
Each 3mL bottle contains approximately 60 servings.

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BALANCE Cellular Health Formula is taken daily for maintaining optimal cellular health and can be used in combination with other formulas. This formula enhances cellular function, leading to overall improved health and wellness. BALANCE creates bioenergetic harmony and helps achieve your cellular potential.

All CODE formulas are infused with electrical information (bio-energy patterns) that tells malfunctioning cells how to repair themselves by re-programming cells with the correct energy to achieve the desired function.


People: Place 1 drop under the tongue, 2 times daily (AM/PM)**, or as directed by your Health Care Professional. For best results, avoid swallowing for 15 seconds and don’t eat or drink for 5 minutes.
Animals: Place 1 drop in the lip or on a favorite treat, 2 times daily (AM/PM)**, or as recommended by your Veterinarian.
*Suggested dosage for all people and animals regardless of weight.
**May take an additional drop if symptoms persist.


Each 15mL (0.5oz) bottle contains approximately 300 one-drop servings.
Each 3mL (0.1oz) bottle contains approximately 60 one-drop servings.


Saline Solution (Structured with bio-energy patterns)

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3 reviews for BALANCE (Cellular Health Formula)

  1. CP (verified owner)

    My aging dog is more playful! My 12 year old dachshund has been taking Balance twice a day for about a month. I just put 1 drop on his food morning and night. It is easy to use, and I wasn’t really expecting to notice anything different. Now, in just a month, my dog seems more youthful and wants to play more frequently than before. I take it too, but where I really notice a difference is in the way my dog has responded to it. I’m sure it’s helping me as well, and I’ll continue to use it in my everyday routine.

  2. John Burwell (verified owner)

    I’M A BELIEVER! I learned about CODE Health products and was skeptical at first, but I have been taking BALANCE everyday and I can not believe how energized I feel! It’s amazing that it is as simple as two drops a day and I have felt such a difference in my energy level. I am a health conscious person, so to be able to take something that is non-toxic and all natural that can make me feel this way is incredible! I am a believer! I can’t wait to try more formulas!

  3. Bob (verified owner)

    67 years old and take BALANCE everyday and feel more energized! I am 67 years old and knowing how important it is to take minerals, when I learned about CODE and the daily formula, BALANCE, and that it has the 6 most essential minerals in it I wanted to try.
    It was difficult for me at first to understand how there could be only one ingredient and that these minerals were in an energy pattern, but I quickly learned about the technology, and then once I understood that it is the information of these minerals that are infused into the saline solution, and it was all natural, I had to try it! I am so glad that I did because I haven’t changed anything else with my daily routine or diet, and I feel more energized. I am attributing it to BALANCE. I plan on ordering more of the formulas!

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