A healthy pet is a happy pet, and a happy pet enhances the quality of our own lives. At CODE Health, our pets are our family.

The unconditional love and unwavering loyalty our pets offer are unparalleled, providing us with comfort and emotional support during both the best and most challenging times. To reciprocate this love we can ensure they lead the healthiest life possible. Just like any family member, pets deserve to thrive physically and emotionally.

By prioritizing our pet’s health, we not only extend their lifespan and improve their overall well-being, but also strengthen the bond we share with them. CODE fosters a strong, lasting connection by promoting good health for the whole family.


Here’s What People Are Saying…

Calm During Thunderstorm

July 2023

Our dog gets nervous and scared during thunderstorms or when there are fireworks. In the past, we used prescribed medications to keep him relaxed. Never liked the thought of giving him drugs, and really hated the side effects. (Lethargy, loss of appetite, and sleeping late into the next day). This was the first July 4th where we were able to enjoy the holiday and not worry about the dog! To prepare for the fireworks, we gave him 1 drop on his treat in the morning, afternoon, and early evening. As loud as the fireworks were for hours, he was not anxious, shaky, or stressed. Thank you CODE!

I almost forgot to mention that we gave him a drop on a treat when a thunderstorm was predicted, and he was fine for that too. -BT

I have been giving my 12 year old dog MATURE for 1-2 months. I have noticed that he has become more playful, bouncing around on the bed, and even bringing his toys out again. I’m happy to see him playful again. Thank you CODE Health ❤️ -MD