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Healthy Cells Make Healthy People

Your body is made up of 70 trillion cells; and their job is to protect you, help you heal, and keep you healthy. CODE restores disrupted communication among and within cells bringing balance to the body with natural, non-toxic formulas. Safe for people and animals.


What is the body’s energy system?

The energy system is made up of energy centers and energy channels (called chakras and meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine) through which energy flows.


How does the body’s energy system work?

The energy system works like the “software” of the body. In other words, it is the “operating program” which provides the energetic instructions for all the biological, chemical, and psychological processes of the body. Balancing and regulating the energy system is essential for maintaining health.


What happens when the body’s energy system is disrupted?

The energy system is like a highway. Just as an accident on the highway causes traffic to stop flowing and becomes backed-up, the energy system may also become stagnant and backed-up. When the energy system becomes imbalanced because there is too much or too little energy flow, illness and disease are the result.


How do CODE formulas and products work?

Based on subtle body concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the flow of energy, we suggest that specific frequency signaling from our proprietary CODE formulas is picked up by specialized “subtle" receptors in the body and translated into the information necessary for all biological processes.