Code Health Blog How Frequencies Vibrations Influence Harmony In The Body

How Frequencies and Vibrations Influence Harmony in the Body

We all have energy centers in our bodies that influence us in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ways. All the systems and tissues in the body are organized by energy, specifically bioenergy. This is why vibrational healing makes sense. Electrical flow in the body produces a magnetic field that is caused by the spin of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. Your heart, muscles, organs, nerve cells and molecules create their own biomagnetic fields. Electricity and magnetism together form the electromagnetic field which asserts force on particles that have an electrical charge. This field is then affected by stimulated particles and is the foundation of light. 

Each of the organs, systems and glands have their own energies or frequencies that give and receive information. Subtle energy is information travelling faster than the speed of light which is interpreted by the energy center. When information is traveling slower than the speed of light, it is received by the energy center and impacts the physical reality. The energy centers can receive and transform energy to become useful information based on the individual. Although subtle energies cannot be seen, they can be shown to exist. 

Vibration is produced in the form of frequency and amplitude, which are the oscillations that create energy. Energy centers that are lower in the body have a slower vibration and those that are higher in the body have a faster vibration. Each energy center correlates to the color spectrum and the frequencies of each color. Since our brains oscillate between 0-100 Hz (or cycles) per second, and the energy centers vibrate between 100-1600 Hz, our brains are not trained to perceive frequencies as high as the energy centers regulate. These oscillations carry information to be stored or applied. Essentially, all life is made up of information and vibration.

The energetic nature of our being has been understood since ancient days, and today, science is closing in on this ancient knowledge. One day, we will look back and see how primitive we have been in our resistance to energy medicine. It is important to study the applications of the body’s relationship to electric, magnetic, electromagnetic fields, light, as well as sound. The body not only produces these energies, but also responds to them. 

Harmonics create healing by suppressing bad tones and lifting good ones. CODE Health has created a brand of codified saline solution and is used to deliver information based on the function of the formula. Using complex mathematical equations, we have been able to create a product that is designed to facilitate the body’s ability to obtain harmony and become homeodynamic. Specific frequencies are actually used to up or down regulate gene expression to create said harmony. Vibrational or frequency-based energy healing is the medicine of the future, and the future is now…and is here to stay.

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