Suggested Uses

At CODE Health, we are here to help and support you. We do our best to take the guess work out of it. Here are a few ideas that we have had tremendous success with...

Must Have's

These 4 formulas are not usually needed on a daily basis. These are your "go-to" formulas when you feel something is coming on. Don't wait until it's too late. A drop at the first sign of symptoms will help decrease the potential of having an emergency.


Cold & Flu

BREATHE helps to alleviate mucus, while ANTIVIRUS works on root of the problem. These are must have's for cold & flu season.


Is it Allergies, Virus or Bacteria?

It won't hurt to take both. REACT is designed for allergies, while PROTECT helps your immune system at the first sign of viral or bacterial symptoms. Both are must have's.


Support Your Body

RECOVER & RELIEF work synergistically to help you reduce and potentially eliminate pain and inflammation.


Stress Relief

Take CALM during the day, and a drop of DREAM before bed.

These formulas are intended to help you maintain a calm, clear, and focused mind, after getting a good night of sleep.